As a freelance aerial rigger and I am available to work for aerial performance companies, theatres and venues as well as for individual performers who require another pair of experienced rigging hands or my specific skill set for harness rigging, combined with my climbing abilities.

I can be hired for short ‘one-off’ rigging projects for a day to two as well as longer engagements such as aerial festivals, examples are listed on this site.

I also offer a ‘A1’ Bolt installation and inspection service as well as scheduled PPE inspections.


Site Visits and Risk Assessments

I also offer site-specific consultation visits to assess the suitability of venues  for specific rigging projects and performances.  I am able to help with the preparation of generic and specific risk assessments and method statements, which are a legal requirement.


Rigging and Rescue Training

I offer Individual and site-specific introduction courses of basic rigging for beginners as well as rescue training and planning.


Call Simon Tel: 07980 577525 or Email: